Thursday, February 12, 2009

Four Weeks

We're beginning the plans for our move from Arizona to Washington. We all are ready to be moving on. We are having some debate on our route up north. we would like to go through California to Sequoia National Park but we have to spend some time with the Jones's in Boise. The most efficient route takes us up through Utah. California would add at least a day to the trip and we wouldn't get time to see things in the parks. We'll most likely be heading through Utah which means stops at Bryce Canyon and Zion, maybe the north rim of the Grand Canyon. We have some decisions to sort through.
The remaining weeks in Pheonix will be packed with activity. This weekend we plan on taking the children to one of the indoor play grounds. The pictures of them remind me of the City Museum in St. Louis only made from molded plastic, like an indoor restaurant playground stretched across a football field. The area is expecting rain so an indoor playground would be appropriate. Sunday will either be a laid back chill out day or another hike in the mountains. It all depends on how much rain we get.
Traci is heading to Santa Fe to oblige her matron of honor duties. She and Lisa are meeting Jill under the guise of dress shopping. The children and I know they really just want to get together to giggle, talk about boys, have pillow fights, and prank call their friends. She always enjoys her visits to Santa Fe. We all are hoping Jill has a wonderful wedding and Traci takes her duties seriously!
Savannah finishes her soccer season on February 28th. After her game we have plans to see the Cubs lose a spring training game to the White Sox. Savannah has recently informed us she now claims loyalty to the Sox. She has definitely spent too much time with the whole Sterling crowd! It may take years to bring her back to Cardinal red.