Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Home Old Location

We are back in Arizona and have settled in our new home. The new house is very comfortable with plenty of beds and comfy furniture. We have a beautiful view of the lake. A refreshing pool for our hot, sunny days, and friendly ducks that beg food every chance we step outside.

Savannah is both home schooled, and attends enrichment classes three days a week. She is enjoying being a part of the Student Council at her school and is currently in charge of finding information about local charities for the students to donate to throughout the school year.

Shane and Sophie are attending a public Montessori school. Shane really enjoys the learning experience. He is able to go at his own pace and focus on topics he enjoys. He is currently writing a book. Titled: Before The Earth Had a Moon. This is from the same boy whom cried, and moaned every time his mother asked him to write a few words on paper. I am amazed!

Sophie is enjoying Kindergarten. She is busy learning her letters and numbers and is attempting to tie her own shoes. Sophie had been in school just two weeks before she was struck down by an illness. She came down with Strep Throat and missed a day of school. Her brother Shane has been working hard to come down with something too. So far, he's as healthy as a horse. All though, he was able to practice his acting skills and trick his teacher into calling me to pick him up early from school. Once home he made a remarkable recovery. Mama was not fooled and sent him straight to bed for an hour nap. The rest of the day was spent without computer, games, and pool time. I am hoping he learned his lesson.

We had visitors last weekend. My friend Jill and her fiance, Kip came to town. Jill, Lisa, and I went to the Casino one evening while the men went to bed early. The following evening Kip and Jill treated Lisa, Jim, and I to dinner at the Macaroni Grill. Afterwards, we drank wine and rehashed old times out on the dock behind our house.

That's all for now...