Friday, August 14, 2009

Packing and Moving

We've been packing and entertaining for the last week as we prepare to head for Arizona. A glitch in our plans gave us the opportunity to return to the desert and spend few more months there. We will be living in the Phoenix area again, visiting with old friends, and explore the area again. We happen to be getting back just in time for the triple digit temperatures.
We had a great time in the Seattle area and leave grudgingly. The contract I had for the clinics was cut short after budget woes hit the organization. The non-profit organization was loosing too much money to justify keeping locum employees around so they cut me and a few others loose. I had another month left on my agreement. The shortened contract left us with no time to get licensed in another state. We were fortunate to have a position come up in Arizona to stay employed. I know Traci and I really wanted the extended time in Seattle.
The Last week of our Seattle leg was adorned by friends from Illinois. We had exceptional company from C and H as they accompanied us on many journeys around the area. It was a nice way to finish off the stay here.
We've had the classic Puget Sound area clouds for the last week to usher us off. We'll post some catch-up tales from Arizona.
Spending the next week in tents through California. Traci may not live through it. We've stocked a large supply of anti-inflammatory medications for her. We may need to cook up some greasewood tea when we get to the valley of the sun.