Sunday, March 1, 2009

And The Cubs Win.. A Spring Training Game.

So who cares if the Cubs took one spring training game with the White Sox? It doesn't mean they've clinched the central division!

We arrived at the HoHoKam Stadium and took our seats amid familiar banter regarding the Cubs' poor performance down the stretch and how things would be different this year. The Sox fans were just as adamant at debunking the Cubs' rumored rise to a championship by citing their inability to make an appearance in a world series. There was even the all too common reference to the 100 year history or something about comparing the recent world series histories between White Sox and the Cubs and who had been there and won recently. If there had been more red jerseys I would have sworn to be at Busch Stadium.

Aftere a while we identified ourselves as Cardinals fans as several people in the stands asked why we were there. A Sox fan declared the only thing Cubs fans hate more than Sox fans are the Cardinal fans. At last we felt right at home!

The atmosphere was festive with everyone tagged in either Sox or Cubs gear. There wasn't a true tension in the air as this was spring training and everyone has potential here. The hardcore fans were there. In every direction could be heard some chatter regarding stats, trades, records, and the endearments fans placed on the players, "Fonzie", "Mikey", "Big D Lee".

I was delighted to hear Aaron Miles' name came across the loud speaker as the short stop for the day. I knew he was on the roster and hoped to see how miserable he would be in Cubbie blue. I think I saw him cry a little. Actually he played his normal consistent game, he did well. The Sox had a few flubs, there was a pickle play (always fun to watch) and the Cubs stood steady ground.

I had promised cotton candy at the fifth inning and Shane barely held out, asking every fifteen minutes when the fifth inning would get here. The kids had fun in the batting cage set up under the first base bleachers. Sophia didn't bat but she threw bean bags into the target with hard determination.
When we left the score was 9-0 Cubs. We sat in the shade the whole game but Traci had had enough of the hard seat on her aching back.
We spent the evening with one of Savannah's team mates from soccer and her mother. We had some hamburgers on the grill(they weren't as good as those Townsend burgers from Belleville) and talked with Trish through the evening. Savannah made plans to meet up with them on Sunday, Traci has plans to see Lisa, Shane's friend Gabe is coming over, and I've rented a hard tail mountain bike for South Mountain trail riding today. Say a prayer no one gets hurt.