Friday, August 22, 2008

Preparing for our Trip

We have two short months before we leave for our first destination. Destination # 1...Arizona.

We are very happy to mention that we have found renters for our home. Jim and I are relieved. We thought that would be a long drawn out procedure.

One of the agents in my office, Erika, has rental homes. She happened to have some tenents who needed a larger home. Erika, was very kind and told them about our home for rent. The Ohrens's came for a visit and thought our home was a perfect fit for their family of five. Erika, bless her, has agreed to allow the Ohren's break their lease with her and sign a lease with us. (THANK YOU, Erika!)

With that stress off our backs we found a storage unit, some boxes, and have begun the long process of packing. We are planning a large garage sale as we are very limited on storage space.

We also will be busy painting the walls and deck and fixing those "little things" you never get around to. We want the house clean and comfy for the Ohren family.

We do have a few other stressful hurdles to jump. Our puppy, Lucy, will be spending the year with one of my best friends, Amy, and her puppy, Romey. (I hope it works out. We still need to get the 2 dogs together to see if they get along.) And, our 14 yr old cat, Annie is looking for a foster parent. Annie is a good cat. She always uses her litter box and she basically leaves everyone alone and sleeps. Once I find her a home I will sleep better.

Well, it is a beautiful day...I guess I'll start in on the garage.

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