Thursday, September 4, 2008

Homeschooling at it's finest...

Well, Shane and I are two days into our home school experience. The first day left a lot to be desired. Shane was very eager to begin until he realized I actually expected him to work! He became ill-tempered when I introduced our new math book. He told me it was boring and too easy, all the while rolling around on the living room rug. Then his Grammar lesson was too hard. Spelling words...BORING. I tried to make it into a game but, finally became so frustrated with him I grabbed him by the arm, marched him to his room and told him," Consider yourself in the Principle's office!" And slammed the door shut. (Unfortunately, I did not use the calm and patient tone I had envisioned I would be using at times like these.) After we both calmed down, I went and talked to him and explained what I expected of him. He apologized for not being a well-behaved student. We called it quits for the first day.

The second day was a dream! Shane woke up had breakfast and became my star student. He was a wonderful listener and a hardworking student. In fact, he did more work then I had expected. I decided to move him ahead in the math book to challenge him more. This made him happy. We also did an art project that the children really enjoyed. I now have 14 beautifully decorated coffee filters on my windows.

Sophie is also enjoying homeschooling. In fact she becomes upset with me if I do not have anything for her to do! I was not really anticipating this so I still need to gather some pre-school supplies for her too.

Overall, I believe we will be able to do this. Some days may be more challenging, but, I really do enjoy having the children close by. (Remind me of this when I call complaining or have lost my mind and am in the nuthouse.)

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