Monday, December 1, 2008

Bisbee and Tombstone

We spent a little time in southern Arizona over the holidays. We ended up in Bisbee for the festival of light. The town came out and sang Christmas carols together and then lit all the Christmas lights in town. It was quaint.

I began talking to a local resident about times growing up in a border town where people don't always get along. He said when he returned for his ten year class reunion from high school over 50% of his graduating class had died. I asked how so many died and he listed car wrecks, alcohol and drug related deaths, shootings, casualties of war, people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. He stared at a wall full of pictures of people from his class and noticed his picture there. Panning down he saw this was a memorial wall for all those who had died. The man had been seen in the papers as being in a terrible motorcycle accident and the class had written him off. The classmate monitoring the wall noticed this man staring at his own picture and apologetically removed it. I failed to ask how many had graduated in his class.

We spent a night in Sierra Vista and a night in the Grand Hotel in Bisbee which is obviously haunted. We did the mine tour and spent a day in Tombstone watching gun fights and exploring the old buildings. More to come later.


Zarebski said...

It's a good idea to celebrate Christmas on a family trip. I have also planned one through Orbitz.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim, Anne just saw your picture online and I asked her who it was. She said there's my Grandpa! Just thought I would make you feel good and let you know that Anne thinks you look like my 68 year old father! Have a good day!

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