Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trip North

We travelled north to Sedona over the weekend only to turn back Sunday morning after the rain settled in. We left Saturday under clear skies in the valley. Each mile north brought in more cloud cover and the prospect of wet weather. Our plans for Sedona included hiking through all the red rock formations. This morning rain brought disappointment as our outdoor activities were ground to a halt.
There are several good views of the red rock spires and buttes from the road. We were looking forward to exploring the trails around Sedona. Saturday we walked out along Oak Creek and enjoyed the views. Shane found delight taking his own pictures and has begun a campaign to procure his own camera. Everyone took turns taking pictures.
We settled in at the Cowboy Grill for dinner where we enjoyed a taste of fried snake, fried cactus and grilled buffalo. The kids were adventurous enough to try each but not too excited. Shane and Sophie liked the fried snake. Traci and I thought the fried cactus tasted much like fried zucchini. They were served with dipping sauces one a jalapeno jelly, a hot peanut sauce and a chipotle sauce none too spicy but all were good.
We went to the movies today in Chandler and had the oil changed on the car. We came home unloaded the car and Traci took Sophie with her to the grocery store. I proceeded to transfer all of our dramatically beautiful life changing photos from the memory card to the computer. These are photos guaranteed to bring new meaning to life for anyone who are fortunate to view them. Pictures great enough to be placed in every home in the world for their inspirational qualities. The photos were authored by everyone in the family and nearly cost your breath to lay eyes on them.
The program prompted me to choose to permanently delete the photos on the disk or not, I chose to. The pictures were transferred and deleted. Now I can't find half of them. I think they are gone forever. The human race has been taken back twenty years in emotional and spiritual growth through the loss of these photos, I apologize.

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