Friday, February 27, 2009

Last Soccer Game in Arizona

Tomorrow we have Savannah's last soccer game for Arizona. She has become frustrated with her coach. He continues to raise his voice in frustration whenever the kids lose. The team was full of first time soccer players and they really have improved. The down side is Savannah's really bummed about the game. She has made several new friends on this team.

The soccer excitement will end in time for us to enjoy the early teasers of the great American pastime of baseball. We are going to see the Cubs and White Sox in Mesa. The last baseball game we all went to involved sun, humidity, a healthy dose of fatigued childhood whining (mostly from me, and I think the Cardinals even lost the game adding insult to injury. I hope the Sox win. The high tomorrow is forecast in the eighties without the St Louis humidity we endured during the last Cardinals game.

Traci seems to be down in the back a little. She let Shane and Sophia walk on her back to help her feel better and Shane jumped off. Although this may not have been the genesis of her back problems, the pain started then. The pain is pretty persistent lasting two weeks now with little relief coming from anti inflammatory medications. Our prayers go out to all who suffer with back problems. especially those of you who have required surgery recently. Know our prayers are with you.

Our energies are shifting forward to our next assignment in Washington. We have really enjoyed the winter in the valley but are eagerly anticipating greener scenes. Traci has been able to goodwill some more things and ship some things back to Illinois. We hope to take a smaller trailer north through Utah and Idaho. With 15,000 miles on the minivan since its purchase in September we want to take as much burden off of it as possible.

We have Colleen's visit in two weeks, a gathering of the Ak Chin employees at the Vaifales home, and a weekend for just getting around to some final site seeing. The last next few weeks will speed by.


Townsends said...

I found that walking was the best way to ease chronic back pain. Traci needs to not pick up the kids, espeicially Savannah.

The Dad


I'll try not too. :)
I've been icing my back and taking it easy. It has seemed to improve some but it is a slow healing process.

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