Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dinner and a Dip

Every weekend the pool area fills with large family groups who cook their dinners and play all around the pool. Sophia has begged to partake in this excitement of eating near the pool where a quick dip is only steps away.

The office building houses the administration, a gym, a little computer center and a nice greeting area where the complex invites vendors and gives little parties here and there. Our first weekend here they provided an omelet breakfast for whomever could wake up before 11 a.m. and get down to the service center. The eastern end of the building extends to a covered patio with chairs, tables, a bar, two gas grills and a fireplace outdoors. The patio area leads straight to the pool and hot tub making the surroundings perfect for entertaining. There has been at least one family there each day of the weekend to celebrate their existence since we arrived. The grills are for community use, first come first grill.

We bough hamburger, buns, chips and grapes from the Fresh And Easy store on the way home from the Komatke center (yes the Gila River Health Care Corporation has sent me to a new location). Traci came up with the idea to grill the burgers and have that celebration Sophia has begged for near the pool. I took the patties down and started the fire while the kids donned their well used swim gear.

The air was a pleasant 75 degrees with a clear sky only broken by the overhead flight path of certain airliners and the timeless twinkle of Orion's belt. There was another family grilling on one grill and I took over the other. I prepared the patties for burning when two teenage girls approached my side. The elder of the two quickly asked if she could have "one of those". I stammered not sure what she was asking. She repeated, "can we have one?" I looked at her and she stared directly into my eyes expectantly. I stated I was preparing the burgers for my family. She said, "well if there are any left overs?" I said I doubt if there would be leftovers so the girls pranced over in their two piece swimsuits to the other man grilling and convinced him to unlock the door to the office building. The guy asked me if those girls were with me and I said no relating the story of how they asked for my hamburgers. He says when he first came out to the pool the eldest girl had her top off and his son was having difficulty redirecting his gaze from the young lady's exposed chest.

I didn't see the girls after they disappeared into the building. The family sat at the table to enjoy all the burgers, chips, french fries, and lemonade. It was one of those very simple times proving to be near magic. The kids were talkative about there day and we sat enjoying each other's company. Once their bellies were full the children jumped up and ran off into the pool. Splashing pandemonium giggling rang through the darkness. The warbled reflecting pool lights bending through the water made a sparkle on the surrounding trees. I extracted the children from the pool, they showered and went to bed without a fuss. I thank Sophia for begging for the pool side party.

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