Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Few Days Left

We've been packing steadily, or at least Traci has. She takes up the hours of the day between home school lessons, swimming supervision, trips to the school, trips to pick up her husband, and cleaning and packing up the apartment. The trailer has been rented and each day we try to eat up our left over foods. We had tuna helper helped by extra Parmesan and ricotta cheese. The amount of items we brought here has dwindled down to the more essential items. Boxes of stuff has been shipped home or sent to the local Goodwill store. We have rented a smaller trailer to take our things to Washington. Traci has been working very hard. Once she gets on a task she gets it done and done well.

I had to get some milk for our last few days here at Target. The young woman checking us out had a piece of gauze wrapped with koban covering the vein in her elbow. I asked if she had given blood and she said no it was plasma. I asked if the plasma was for a relative for help in some medical treatment. She said no it was for money as times are tough now. She explained it takes up to two hours the first time you go due to the rigorous screening process involved but after the initial visit it would only take about 45 minutes. I didn't ask how much plasma was going for these days.

We leave Saturday for the northwest, colder, darker skies, taller mountains, rain, ocean.
Friday I'll say good bye to the Gila River Healthcare Corp. and all of the great people I was able to work with there.

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