Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pool Pals to Pen Pals

Today the Komatke center was steady. The community is on spring break and most of the families have better things to do than to come to be seen in the clinic. We have seen a steady decline in the number of patients while the acuity has gone up. The population is presenting with more severe health problems to a clinic with no lab, radiology or other diagnostic capabilities. It has made for an interesting process of shipping the sicker people to nearby emergency departments. The surrounding health care services have been accommodating in taking patients.

At home we celebrated St. Patrick's Day with corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, and Guiness druaght. Shane decided to try a taste of the draught. He tilted the bottle several times, each time leaning the bottle a little deeper until a molecule of beer grazed his tongue. He quickly set the beer down and grabbed his milk to clear the taste from his mouth. His facial expressions revealed a strong dislike of the heavy brew. Thanks to cousin Sally for sharing the recipes. I was able to take some corned beef and cabbage into work and share it with some of the other employees who had never tried corned beef and cabbage. They really enjoyed the meal remarking they liked the flavor of the cabbage but had to add chili pepper flakes to bring it up to their tastes. It was an extreme change from the chicken in mole sauce they had shared with me the week before.

The children have made some new friends at the pool. The temperature topping 90 degrees over the past few days had drawn out several of the children in the apartment complex. It looks like each of our children has a counterpart his or her size except Savannah. She plays with all of them often creating games and mischief and directing the action. The pool is a popular place. We have exchanged addresses in hopes to have future pen pals for the kids to write to.

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