Tuesday, April 14, 2009

These Clouds

We were set up with a false sense of relief when we arrived here in sunshine. We had a gloriously beautiful first week. The sun shone, the crisp ocean air brought vitality, nothing slowed us down. These clouds have rolled in for the past few days. The heavy multi layered grey blob hiding the glorious life giving sun. Rain was not so much the problem as the sun going away.
The past five months we've spent basking in near constant daily sunshine. Traci and I have discussed the feeling of our motivation slowly eroding into nothing. We have had some interesting ideas for activities but our psyche can't keep up with our imaginations.
We did wander in to Seattle today, mostly to get a specific book and to turn in some papers. We wandered out of the house by 2 and missed the time frame to deposit our paperwork. We went to the science center, priced dinner at the restaurant in the Space Needle and decided a burger at the sports themed grill would be more cost effective. we should have done some grocery shopping. We watched the Mariners hold on to a game with the Angels (we watched from the comfortable confines of the restaurant). The sun broke down through the clouds for most of the afternoon.
The weather has traditionally gotten in better in July I've heard people say.
This week end we should be wandering out a little more vigorously, the heck with the weather!
The kids did dye eggs for Easter.

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