Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Twelfth

Savannah will turn twelve, God willing, on this Thursday. She will turn twelve on Illinois soil. She is going home for her birthday, to spend a couple of weeks with friends and family, then bring Grandma and Grandpa back with her. We will miss her terrifically but we look forward to having a visit from Grandma and Grandpa.

The weekend flew by from Saturday's trip to Deception Pass and hurried celebration for Savannah's birthday to a trip to a local lake side beach. It always goes quickly. The whole weekend was full of sunshine. There were more mountains to see in the clear skies.

We went to Deception Pass Saturday. We hiked around the park, played on the beach climbed some rocks, and watched the boats run through the pass. The views of the trees, water and beaches drew crowds. We walked across the bridge with traffic whizzing by on our right and a rail protecting us from a long drop to the water on our left. Views of the whole area opened up around us from the deck of the bridge. We watched a bald eagle land high in one of the large evergreens anchored in the rocks on the shore of the water.

We drove to the Clinton-Mukilteo Ferry stopping at Fort Casey State park just before we reached Clinton. The fort was built in the 1890's to protect the Puget Sound from possible naval threats. The fort featured large guns and mortars in fixed positions facing the water. The remnants of these armaments remain for visitors to climb on and walk through. The views to the sound and Olympic mountains were spectacular, Mt. Rainier was even visible in the clear sunshine. The western edge of the fort was spread with bright yellow flowers where at one point a black tailed deer walked through to say hello. An old lighthouse would usually serve as an interpretation center but on this day was closed for repairs.

We came home and had Savannah's friend Laura, the main initiator of the trip home idea, tell Savannah about her birthday present. The whole day we built some suspicion about her birthday. We bought a cake from the Edmonds Bakery in the morning and told Savannah she would have to open one of her presents on Saturday. We did all of this planning before we left for our sight seeing agenda. Now at eight pm we returned home and Savannah called Laura. After she stopped jumping up and down, screaming we all had cake. It took a little while for the kids to settle down after the large dose of sugar but I think Savannah enjoyed the birthday surprise.

Sunday we went to a local lake where the kids swam in the muddy water and played in the sand. We enjoyed the sunshine while the kids splashed and swam around in the shallow water. The beach area was busy attracting everyone in the area. We had arrived at first mocking everyone for wearing their bathing suits. We couldn't imagine anyone swimming in 74 degree sunshine. We only spent five minutes in the park before deciding to go home and change clothes. The kids and the water were great friends all afternoon.

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Julie said...

It looks like you all are having such fun exploring the beautiful state of Washington! What wonderful adventures you have had. I love your pictures and descriptions. Ting still misses Sophie and says hi. Out here we have been enjoying some nice relief from the heat -- partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 80's! That's probably a hot day of sunshine for you all! Happy Birthday to Savannah!

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