Saturday, June 13, 2009

Morning Painting

Getting Out of Bed In The Morning

View From Our Window


Mt St Helens During the Eruption

We spent the morning painting. Shane chose a volcano theme for his paintings. He worked from his knowledge of the Mt St Helens eruption to create pictures of before, during and after the historic 1980 eruption. He went forward in time, extrapolating an imaginary eruption from Mt Rainier. He painted how he thought the mountain would look during an eruption. His curiosity about volcanoes continues.

Sophie made a few more abstract pieces. The picture above is called Rainbow. She mad a mud puddle painting and Orange Glove Hand. Her depth of understanding of the human condition is extraordinarily expressed without apology in these fine expressions of her life experiences. She may have crossed into a new level of artistic believability.

I put my two cents in with the realistic rendition of the view from our window. I have forgotten this was only acrylics and not an actual window.

Savannah portrayed her younger sister in Getting Out Of Bed. Here she has captured Sophie's sweet morning greeting as she emerges from the bedroom. I have included a photo of the real life morning greeting from Sophie (although this was a dramatic re-enactment you can still imagine the joy we feel every morning when Sophia emerges smiling from the bedroom). Savannah has managed to capture this simple delight with warmth and detail.
Mt Rainier during and before eruption

Orange Glove Hand

Mt St Helens Before the Eruption

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