Friday, September 18, 2009

Was it the H1N1?

We are slowly acclimating to the triple digit temps here in the desert. The last week has brought a slight dip to the temperatures and we found 98 degrees to be quite comfortable after the days of 114 temps.

A couple weekends ago we took the kids to the neighborhood water park. The kids enjoyed splashing and climbing on the play equipment. Shane, Savannah, and Dad challenged each other on the diving board. The challenges included: Who could make the biggest splash. Who could jump the highest, and who had the most painful looking belly flop. (Shane won the latter.) At 5p the lifeguard's blew their whistles and pool time was officially over. Once home we realized Little Sophie was running a fever. Uh-oh!

Both Jim and Sophie can down with high fevers, sore throats, and coughs. We spent Labor Day at the Urgent Care with about 15-20 other sick people cramped into one small waiting room. Once seen by the Doctor and a quick throat swab we found out Sophie and Jim had been afflicted with Strep. After a few days of meds, milkshakes and lots of snuggles Sophie headed back to school. The same day Sophie went back to school Shane came home with a fever. He was (we think) struck down with the (could it be?) notorious Swine flu. Shane was miserable running a fever for 5 days. But he eventually fought the infection and after a long break headed back to school. Savannah managed to stay healthy throughout. I was happy just being the nursemaid, but finally at the end of the week I too joined the ranks of the ill.
Now, after 2 weeks we once again have a healthy home.

This weekend Jim is enjoying cooler weather up north. He had a three day weekend so he caught a flight to Boise, Idaho and is headed up Red Mountain to do some backpacking and camping with Mr. Dan Jones. The kids and I have been invited to a BBQ with the Weeds on Saturday and afterwards are planning a trip to the movies. Sunday we'll pick Dad up from the airport and ready ourselves for another exciting week of school and work.

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