Saturday, October 10, 2009


Sophie has been having fun with her friend Ting. They have had play dates at least once a week.

Savannah and Traci spent a day at the Science Center for a home school field trip.

Shane woke me at 6:30 this morning and we headed out to Camelback Mountain. We had made a couple attempts at the top of the mountain when we first visited Arizona, never reaching the top. The previous attempt was stalled by an urge to visit the bathroom about 3/4 of the way up the trail. Today we were going to make it. All the way.

We parked down the street. The parking at this park was limited by a tiny lot at the base of the mountain. We walked up the street and rested at the ramada on the end of the parking lot. I asked Shane how far he wanted to go up. He asked how far was the top? The trail ran 1.2 miles in length and Shane shrugged, stating he wanted to go to the summit. We set off.

He belly ached, rested a lot, climbed, slid, shuffled and huffed all the way to the 3/4 mile marker. He stopped and began the petition for returning to the car. A large group of climbers came down the trail from the top and noticed Shane as they passed.
"Wow you're doing great! How old are you? Are you going to the top?"
Shane beamed, his resolve strengthened, the energy returning to his legs. We made the summit after a couple more hesitant requests to return to the car. He smiled and watched the clouds sail over the tall buildings of the Phoenix area. We celebrated and watched others celebrate the accomplishment of the day.

We had come up and were passed by a man who was making his third trip up the mountain for the day. He was 70 years old, a little bent at the waist with a richly tanned brown torso. He smiled and said, "here we go." and he walked past us effortlessly. He was congratulated by nearly everyone on the trail, he had passed everyone on one of his trips up the mountain or down the mountain or back up etc. He smiled the entire time. We were passed by him again as he climbed back down and we slowly worked our way up.

Traci had spent the night with Lisa and we picked her up on the way home. Shane related the story of our adventure, showing off his scraped arms and dusty face.

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