Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flinging Through Spring

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Traci has made it into her radiology tech program. There were 40 slots for 150 applicants. We have been waiting for this news for some time.
Easter Sunday was a day spent with family. We all were together for the holiday with kids and eggs, chocolate and birthday cake, jelly beans and basketballs. The kids had a great time playing with cousins and hunting plastic eggs on the lawn. The eggs were filed with jelly beans, chocolates and cash. There was a gathering next door where their children spilled over into our yard and found our eggs. They picked them up and claimed them until Savannah informed them we had placed those eggs and they relinquished a few eggs to us with a slow reluctance.

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There have been too many days between meetings with our family. We have been seeing everyone more frequently now than before we left. We have tried to hold on to the connections we have with them. We have a sharp realization of how quickly the time passes and without effort we seem to pass several months without hanging out.
Shane turned eight. He has lost his two front teeth and his grin adds comedy to every situation. He has been trying to skateboard, learn baseball, build as many lego sets as possible and still manages to play with his younger sister.


Sophia has been wondering when she'll lose a tooth as she watched her brother count the dollar bills from the tooth fairy. She has fit into her kindergarten class well after reports from the playground worker about her playing alone for the first few months. She talks of her friends she met on the road. She sends them pictures and letters trying to keep in touch with them. She has been taking ballet and tap lessons with her cousin learning the positions and steps and performing dances at home. She also has developed a slight malfeasant streak we have blamed on public school. The assignment of the blame for her behavior may be erroneous and only due to her age and her siblings but we believe our judgment to be sound.



Savannah was joining an indoor soccer team, running around with her preteen friends and generally busy every weekend with sleepovers and or visits. She happened into an opportunity to visit Disney World with her friend and spent a week in Orlando with their family. Traci and I missed her but the younger kids enjoyed a break from her but welcomed her back enthusiastically.

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We have been running everyone everywhere and managed to do this with one vehicle. I have been riding or walking to and from work while Traci drives to school in a town about 10 miles north and west of our home. I have a two mile commute so I was embarrassed driving to work. It has taken me about twenty minutes to walk and ten minutes to ride a bicycle. The commute took ten minutes in a car. When I could commute on foot or bicycle I could feel I was saving the planet, getting a little much needed exercise and still just going or coming from work.
We have planned for a second vehicle soon.
In the meantime Savannah had the set up for braces, we have needed to replace the windows in the house, our washing machine has nearly died twice, Shane had an infected tooth pulled, Traci has been accepted in the radiology tech program and requires tuition...the rhythm of our lives has become a cacophony of expense. The life on the road was simpler.
The worst thing was the grass needed cutting. I have cut it twice now this year.
I realized if the most troublesome thing in my life is the grass growing I have been living the greatest life possibly ever recorded in time.

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Mom and I enjoyed Easter with our extended family. It was womderful !!


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