Sunday, October 19, 2008

We are headed West!

We left Belleville, Illinois bright and early. The parting was difficult and many tears were shed. (Thanks, Mom and Dad for all your love and support.)

The trip was blessedly uneventful. The children were very well-behaved. I must say the traffic in Oklahoma, especially near Tulsa, was a bit unpleasant. The van is awesome! The kids kept entertained by watching movies, the Disney Channel, and playing the Playstation. I entertained Jim and myself with reading aloud from a book my sister-in-law Stacy recommended, The Road. It is very good and helped make the hours pass quickly.

We made it to Oklahoma City at 8p.m. The children excitedly slipped into swimsuits and went outdoors to the pool. It was a little cool for Jim and I and we opted to stay dry. The kids only manged to stay in the water 20 minutes before they became chilled. After that it was tub time and now blissfully, bedtime.

Tomorrow we head to Santa Fe, New Mexico to visit my friend Jill.

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Jeff Evans said...

Wen C


Wen can we see you?
Were are you?
Are you going to Alaska?
Can we see you there?
Are you going across the Pacific Ocean?
Love Sophia

Hello Miller Clan,
Glad to hear you made it safely. Hope you are all enjoying the weather in New Mexico!

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