Saturday, October 25, 2008

We have arrived!

We have made it to Arizona! We were able to move into our apartment one day early. The apartment and complex are wonderful! It's like living in a resort! We will be getting internet service on Monday. Right now I am using the "Business Center's" computer. So, I will wait to upload photos until Monday.

Thankfully, Lisa took off work early and helped us move in. It was not fun lugging all our stuff up a flight of stairs in 90 degree weather. The kids were a great help and earned a well deserved trip to the pool afterwards. Jim and I have decided we will be getting rid of a few more items before we load up and out to our next adventure. :) Our apartment is WONDERFUL! Beautifully decorated and spacious. The one drawback is that the beds are very firm. We miss our Select Comfort mattress! The apartment has only 2 bedrooms. But, the smaller bedroom has a closet that is the size of a small bedroom. Savannah has taken the closet over as her bedroom. It is very cute and cozy.

I will write more once we have our internet service up. I am heading back to the pool where Jim and the kids are enjoying this beautiful weather.

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JeffSC said...

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