Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bouldering in Arizona

The girls and I are enjoying our time outdoors climbing over large rocks and playing in the dirt. (Sophie)
Savannah and I usually enjoy about 20 minutes of anxiety at the onset of our hikes. We search ground and rock walls for scorpions and rattlesnakes. We are continuously on the lookout for nasty spiders and other creatures that might launch themselves at our "Victorian" feminine frames. After a while we settle into the hike and began noticing the textures of the canyon and colors of the rocks against the deep blue sky. Once we notice the beauty we forget to fear the creepy crawlies and enjoy ourselves... that is until a horrific and humongous wasp,(pollen puff) attacks Savannah whom then screams in panic, lunges behind her baby brother, and hurls her lollipop at the evildoer.
Once our adrenaline levels drop off we once again, pick up on the magnificent wonders of nature. And we are thankful that the dear boys in our family coax us to go out with them and enjoy the adventures of bouldering.

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