Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We send our love and best wishes to all of our friends and family. Everyone be safe in your travels and stuff yourselves silly. We are preparing turkey gobble here at our place today with Lisa and some of her friends. I don't know enough about the meal preparation to tell too much but Traci and Lisa did brine the turkey yesterday and it's been soaking all night in a brine that smells delicious. It smells like a soup of spices with rosemary, thyme, bay leaf. It has a wonderful golden bron appearance. It's tempting to try the brine by itself.
As of 10:30am no turkey has been heated. This concerns me a little, I see wine, bloody mary mix and beers but no hot turkey. Growing up my saintly mother would have everyone insane with the aromas of cooking and baking foods. Today I woke up and everyone else was still in bed at 9 am. There were no aromas of browning meat in the oven, no scents of sweet pies filtering through the savory stuffing smells. I did make coffee providing my nostrils with some degree of olfactory satisfaction but it's not quite the same and it worries me just a little. We may not eat until tomorrow making this thanksgiving day more like an eat more festival weekend.
I am seeing hummingbirds go after the flowers. The temperature is at least 65 if not 70. There is green on all the plants. This certainly does not feel like Thanksgiving. I would turn on a parade or football game but the kids are watching cartoons.
The place is sorely lacking our closest family and friends. The weather, no food, hummingbirds, all this can be tolerated. The sting is most from looking around the house without seeing the familiar faces smiling back at us. We miss everyone dearly. Please have a wonderful holiday, be safe, we'll be thinking of you all.

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