Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Climbing on Camelback MTN

Here are some photos from another of the many rocks lying around Phoenix. Camelback Mountain provides some nice panoramas of the valley.

Parking stinks, we waited for 40 minutes to park in the tiny lot at Echo Canyon. I drove up the road to some road side parking featuring piles of broken windshield littering the ground near some of the parked cars. I felt a little better about waiting out the parking lot in hopes of salvaging my windshield. We have not reached the summit so we have pledged to return. We will return earlier in the morning in hopes of better access to parking.

Shane ran up the hill and Savannah worked her way up at her own pace. We started calling Savannah "Red" as would be inevitable for her. It is a good chore to go up the hill. There is a nice boulder chock full of routes for bouldering. We climbed a special route for the Evans's.

Enjoy the pictures.

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Jeff Evans said...

Look at those sweet climbing shoes Shane has on!

Glad to see you all are enjoying mother nature!

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