Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's a Normal Life

After being in Arizona four weeks, we finally feel like we have settled in. The frantic pace of the first few weeks where we felt we needed to experience and see all the sights have calmed down. We now stay at home during the week, have a home cooked meal, shop for essentials, and take care of house work and school work.

The weekends are still planned with a lot of fun activities. For example: we will be helping my friend Lisa move this Saturday. Then on Sunday, Jim is wanting to go out into the wild to go rock climbing.

Shane has fallen in love with a wonderful place called Camelback Mtn. He has been climbing on it twice. His goal is to make it to the top. He was close last Sunday...but mother nature called and instead of heading to the peak he had to head to the nearest restroom. (Which unfortunately was at the base of the mountain) We will definitely be going back so he can master that climb.

Savannah and Sophie also enjoyed the mountain hike. They have become quite fond of climbing. The children have all chosen trail names. Savannah/Red, Sophie/Trail Princess, and Shane/Harry Potter. We tried to encourage Shane to use a different name but Harry is his latest obsession so....

I have enjoyed being able to hang out with Lisa. We are planning to celebrate Thanksgiving at her new home. We will dine with her mother whom will be flying in from Springfield, Missouri. next Tuesday, Lisa's friend Mo, and his sister and nephew. It will be nice having everyone around. And hopefully it will be less lonely as we will be missing our families. Lisa and I made a menu last night and are planning on serving both our families traditional foods. Wish us luck! Thank goodness Lisa's mom will be on hand to help with the turkey!

The next week and a half will be pretty quiet here. Jim is working on his Washington license and I will be preparing for the holidays. We are planning another road trip over the Thanksgiving weekend. We are hoping to visit Sedona and Gerome before the snow hits.

Speaking of snowfall... I hear Illinois had it's first snowfall of the year. Well, we are a wee bit jealous of you all. Even as we put on our swimsuits and head for the sunny outdoors to swim.


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Jeff said...

Dude, is that a beard? Now you get to join the cool kids club!

Sophia says hi. Glad you all are having a good time!

Jeff and Sophia

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