Monday, November 3, 2008

The Hole in My Head

Sorry to my dear loving betrothed. She has once again bore the brunt of my stress level getting the best of me. I have to admit I was a complete a** this weekend. It is part of our agreement. If I come clean she won't divorce me yet.

The week rolled past me and over and through me like a cold wet heavy wind and left me shivering with no idea how I got here. I went to work every day, immersed in an entirely different culture, and learned where and how to do my job. I came back to our retreat in sun valley to find my wife wound down and my kids wound up. The former would head out on a couple of nights with her friend and I would be tossed into the draining post of managing the children's behavior all evening. The blessed darlings would be attentive and honorable all evening while I read to them by candlelight and we would snuggle in so everyone could hear the story well. Actually God would post his "off duty in this area" sign right outside our two bedroom apartment door and let hell reign for the evening possessing my darlings with little noisy demon grouse that breathe fire and scream all the time instead of talking. The beautiful evil-doers would unleash their cabin fever on their all too unprepared young father.

I woke up and it was Saturday...time to spend a day at the old ghost town. Little did everyone know I had intentions of hiring the whole clan out to the tourist site as dishwashers and peddlers. I had made it to the weekend but I was not in the mood, I was in THE MOOD. The dark, dreary, get me away from myself mood.

I took a bike ride around town. Chandler has a great bike lane on most of it's streets and the riding was pleasant. The riding was flat. I had to keep turning corners to keep my interest. The bike lanes are generous and respected by the auto drivers. I felt a little better but the day was still soured by my unpleasant disposition.

Sunday Shane and I went on the guy trip. To boulder at Papago park on hole in the rock.

We met a happy young father of three there with his two boys and one daughter, aged one whom he carried on his back in a back pack like device. He knew all of the cool areas to go around town to rock climb or spend outdoors. Shane played with the two boys and we climbed all over the rock. We didn't do anything too technical. It was a good time.

Anyway the week has started off better today.

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