Monday, November 3, 2008

Classes for Homeschoolers

As I was browsing the web for ideas on homeschooling, I came across a website for Arizona homeschooling. I have found that Arizona is an extremely friendly homeschooling state. So much so that they will provide help with finding curriculum and ideas and help with finding support groups. I also found out that the Mesa Public School District offers educational enrichment classes to all Arizona of charge!

I checked out Mesa's school district's Eagleridge Enrichment website and found that they offers classes for Savannah T-TH and F. She was able to pick classes she is interested in on T-TH and then she follows a set rotation of classes on Fri. Jim and I thought this would be ideal. It would give Savannah an opportunity to make friends, learn some new skills, and (bonus) get away from her siblings. She starts tomorrow! Her classes will be: Stagewriting, Kids Take Stage, Accelerated Reading, Spanish, History, Puppets and Props, and Band.

I also signed up Shane for the Friday class. He is not as thrilled as Savannah...

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Improvedliving said...

There are tons of info on homeschooling. I dont remember the top site, but i joined it last month and it is very good.

Kids Spanish Classes Phoenix Arizona

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