Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Jim, Lisa, and I took the children to a nearby neighborhood to go trick or treating.
We walked with another friendly group of goblins and ended up with three large sacks filled with goodies. The children quickly became hot and tired as we are not use to 88 degree weather on Halloween. (I kind of missed the cool and damp Illinois weather.)
We forgot to bring water so after an hour or so the kids asked to go home. Once home everyone gulped some water down before investigating the yummies. I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Do they actually grow corn out there? I see it in some of your pumpkin farm pics. Halloween here was awesome. Best weather we've had in years. Of course H is disappointed she can't eat half of her candy because of the braces...


Aww, If H wants to send some of her candy to her good buddy Jim Miller I would be happy to relieve her of the disappointment of looking at all the candy she is unable to eat. Yes they grow everything out here with the magic of irrigation. The place where I work is the source of Pima cotton from the Pima Indians.

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