Thursday, October 30, 2008


Wednesday I awoke early so I could drive my dear husband to work. The kids and I were going to take the car and explore. After a morning searching the web I finally decided on a place.
The kids I went out and headed for a good place to eat lunch. Lisa recommended the In N Out Burger joint down the street. It was good for fast food. They dice and fry up the fries right when you place your order. I thought the fries were great. The kids, I guess prefer cold, old fries, because they were not impressed!

After that we headed to Mesa to the Museum for the Youth. This is an Art museum with exhibits that interest children. The children were able to do a few hands on art projects. The favorite was making tissue paper flowers. We came home with a very large bouquet. Savannah made some beautiful flowers. The children learned about the Latino holiday, Day of the Dead. And we learned how to recycle "junk" to make wonderful art pieces. Shane's favorite exhibit was the Glow in the Dark room.

When we were done with the museum we went in search of a playground. We found a large park with many interesting equipment to climb and play on.

Well, the kids are getting antsy. They are ready to go swimming. Guess I will go lounge in the sun once again....


Anonymous said...

So glad you are getting out and exploring the area! We are jealous of the weather but really can't complain about 70 degrees on Halloween! Our site is if you want to see what we're up to. Miss you!


Thanks for the comment! I am actually happy to report that we have clouds in the sky this morning! It is suppose to be cooler next the 80's. Brr! :)

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