Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Settling In

Well most of the boxes, storage bins, bicycles, clothes, computers, tvs, books, and games have finally meandered into their resting places and we've begun (or at least I have) to settle in to life in Arizona in the fall. The temperature has been a steady mid nineties this week. I have only seen a cloudless blue sky since we landed. Boring stuff but School has started full swing for the kids, I have been oriented to the reservation hospital and Traci can fill in all the gaps from there. The Gila River Indian Community is a spanse of dry desert surrounded by mountains or hills at the borders of the reservation. I will be helping with the walk in clinic at the Hu Hu Kam Hospital. Here I have met many people from the reservation working at the hospital or visiting as patients. The atmosphere is welcoming and most everyone has been at least accomodating if not down right generous with their time and help.

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