Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Mess

First, I want to thank everyone for the lovely cards and gifts that were sent our way. The only thing that could have been better would have been to have everyone here with us.

Now that the Christmas has passed, and I have spent enough days ignoring the mess, I have chosen today as my get organized and clean day. I have the task of going through all the toys, separating old from new, broken and missing parts, and toys no longer played with. All though we have been here only 2 and a half months we have managed to accumulate many new objects.

We are planning on Savannah taking home a suitcase of items we no longer need, but still want to own. Hopefully, Mom and Dad won't mind housing them for us? :) Savannah is eagerly anticipating her trip back home. She is planning trips to see her friends, spend a day at school, play in a game with her old indoor soccer team, and spend time with her Grandparents. Jim and I are happy to allow her to go, but are not looking forward to having her gone so long. We will miss her! Not to mention the anxiety I am experiencing with her having to fly for the first time all alone. I am praying for good weather and a safe flight!

While Savannah is in IL much will stay the same in AZ. Savannah will still be expected to do her school work while away. I have her in an on-line school that involves 2 hours of Language Arts, 1 hour of Math, and 1/2 hour of science that she will need to spend time on daily. While she is away, I will be looking forward to our first Arizona visitor. Jill is flying in on the 22ND of January and will stay over the weekend. Lisa and I are looking forward to taking her shopping for wedding "stuff".

Jim and I will be renewing our lease this week. It looks like we will be staying in Arizona until the end of March. We will then drive past Las Vegas, see the Arches National Park in Utah, stay for a few days in Boise, ID with the Jones, before we land in the lovely state of Washington.

Once in Washington we will began making our plans for Alaska. We are looking into taking a ferry to Alaska instead of hauling the van and U-haul through Canada. Anyone have any experience with the ferry systems?

Well, like I said before...this is my cleaning day. Now that I have managed to avoid it for the past hour, I guess it is time to get busy.

Love from Arizona.....

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