Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year

Good day and good year this is going to be a great year. The economy will fix itself, the middle east will observe a long standing peace, the religions of the world will unite, bigotry and bigamy will self destruct, we'll see the tiniest particles ever, new dimensional views will be exposed to expert physicists, a new era in leadership will be realised in the United States and the Miller family will round out an adventure whose genesis was formed in the fragile and mildly fanatical dreams of a couple of newlyweds over fourteen years ago.

We spent our evening playing games, eating all the food in the house, and sharing good company. We were joined by Lisa, our friend in Phoenix. The kids barely made the ten o'clock hour drooping eyelids appeared well before nine. Savannah was determined to see the beginning moments of 2009 and she did. We watched the ball drop in New York. Mini tacos, hot wings, pizza rolls, salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips, and cookies were all enjoyed here.

Everyone slept later today. Traci and Lisa had a big day planned so they left around 11 a.m. The three kids and I lounged a bit longer then decided to visit Desert Breeze park, a park with a fishing pond, play equipment, a carousel and a train traveling half the perimeter of the park. There are several activities to do there and the kids and I enjoy them all. We would like to try fishing in the parks but haven't licensed yet. There are several dates they stock the ponds with catfish, perch, trout, and bass. We often see people fishing but haven't paid enough attention to see if anyone has caught anything. I think it would be interesting to fish in the desert.

The kids started off with a nice game of hide and seek. Savannah was hiding, Shane finding. I watched as several times Shane would ask me to help find Savannah. My attention was focused on Sophia so I didn't see where Savannah went. After a few minutes I found Shane trying to do the monkey bars and as I brought him into focus to take his picture I noticed Savannah behind him on a higher platform smiling wide. Shane was still asking where she was and I had a difficult time not laughing, right over his shoulder was Savannah, waving her arms in wide arcs above her head. Shane eventually caught on and we all had a good laugh.
The other side of the play equipment has a splash pad that is off for the winter. The area features dolphins, an elephant and giraffe statues making great climbers for little kids. I can imagine the temperature being 110 and all the kids running through the water.

Shane found a fascination with the camera and snapped a few images. The boy started a stream of questions about how to operate the camera and what each button does. He's good at asking questions.

We looked at the ducks in detail. Sophie named one "Blacky" as he was black and had a sharp beak where the others had flat bills. Sophie asked why he was different. I still don't know. Sophie also loves the swings. She rallied each turn with a cry for higher. I obliged her with a gentle push only to have her cry out again with higher daddy!

Sophie played in the sand, Savannah and Shane took turns in the tire swing and riding the scooter around the park. Sophia asked about petting a dog. It was a mixed breed the owner found at a shelter, brown black with thick fur like a german sheperd, slight with a build resembling a coyote. She was sweet and let us all pet her.

The other day at work in the Ak Chin clinic one of the nurses had her husband bring out their blood hounds. These were 90-95 lb dogs about 2 1/2 feet tall on all fours. Their faces were all wrinkled up with noses flexing and sniffing constantly. The dogs are part of a search and rescue team and having been bred for a hundred years for finding people these two were a prime display of their breed. Every time a person left their sight the dogs wanted to get off the lease and find them. They were entertaining and slobbery. Cletus and Virgil were their names. Appropriate names for a couple of bloodhounds.

We enjoyed our day together in the park. The weather was beautiful. Savannah revelled in the fact we didn't go hiking again, all we ever do is hike according to Savannah. The other night we went to California Pizza Kitchen after Savannah's first soccer practice. Savannah looked like she was having a good time playing soccer and meeting new friends. She'll start playing in a couple of weeks. Only hiking indeed!

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