Monday, December 8, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Today was enjoyable. It was a lazy day without expectations. We slept in and stayed in our jammies until noon. Then Jim mustered up enough motivation between he and Savannah to go on a 6 mile bike ride around Chandler. While those two were out pedaling, Sophie played games on one computer while I shopped on the other. Our new friend Ryan, along with Baby "K" and son "G" brought our beloved son home around 2p. Shane had spent an action filled night with his buddy, "G" and arrived home with a big hug and an, "I missed you!"

After awhile Jim and I decided to take the kids to the movies to see Disney's new film, Bolt-3D. We headed out into the cold night...yes, cold! The high was only 60 degrees today. We had to wear jackets! I think the warmest it will be this week will only be 72. Anyway...after we spent way too much for tickets we bought some popcorn and headed into the darkened theatre for some Disney magic. The movie was well received by both young and old.

We headed home and after teeth brushings, story time, and kisses we put our happy, lazy, children to bed. Jim and I stayed up searching the 150 channels for anything worth watching and eventually called it quits.

Before calling it quits though, I received a call from my friend, Jill. She happily announced that she and Kip were officially engaged!! YEAH!!!!!!!! And I am happy and proud to announce I have been asked to be her Matron of Honor. (Hmmmm, does not sound as good as Maid......) and of course, I am honored.

The picture above is of Kip and Jill when they came for a St. Louis visit this past summer.

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