Friday, December 12, 2008

Marking Time

There is nothing going for the next couple of weeks. The kids are getting into some state of relaxed homeyness that feels nice. We have somewhat of a routine during the week and on the weekends we run all over. This weekend to the zoo but nothing further planned.

Savannah helped find herself a soccer team to join so we'll see if we can recreate the gopher run out here. I've been working in the Ak Chin clinic all week adding another 45 minute one way commute for Traci on days when Savannah and Shane have school. When I get home from work we usually eat dinner, sometimes take out. Traci has honed her kitchen skills into a fine art. She conjures a magical taste adventure nearly every night with careful attention to nutritional needs and regional cuisine. She is able to fire up a great meal in about 30 minutes. We finish eating and Traci will go out with her friend Lisa while the kids and I begin some evening activity usually involving too much television. I've made a few nights TV free engaging them in games of checkers or uno.

Traci is home more nights than not.

We had a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Townsend via web cam this evening. They are looking well and it was delightful to see a familiar face. Savannah really enjoyed talking with them. Grandpa called on the phone so they could talk and see each other in real time. Friday nights have proven to be Traci's night out with Lisa.
We finished Wall-e and the kids are now in bed, awake, but in bed. Sophia likes to lay out on the couch until she falls asleep. I will gently pick her up and relocate her in her own bed shortly. The kids have been a little wound up and leaves me wondering if it has something to do with the close proximity of the moon.
I made dinner this evening. Not very proud but gave a selection of ham or turkey on wheat bread with apple slices and goldfish crackers all served with an ice cold milk served in glass. Savannah passed. I think she just grazed all night on various things. She definitely finished the apple slices fro the younger one's plates.
It feels like we're just holding up the rhythm of day to day sort of like marking time in the marching band, our feet our moving but we're not headed out anywhere. It's relaxing to not have to run anywhere. I think we'll be like this until after the holidays. Hopefully we'll get some time to spend with Shane's buddy G and his family over the season.

Uncle Tom called to express their "joy" at the gift we bought for grandma Nana. Anne Thomas got on the phone and told me all about the giant Monster in her house. She successfully prompted through her new joke and delivered the punch line expertly. I could hear her moving around, running through the house by her voice in the background. She's full of the antic spirited clan Miller with some strong southern roots. It's difficult to wait to see what her future proves to hold. Mostly getting into some sort of fatigued gibberish now so it's time to make my exit.

I have left a few images of our short foray into Mexico.

It was very interesting. We ended up in the border town across from Douglas Arizona. We were advised by the border patrol to find some of the local bacon wrapped hot dogs.

We found a little wagon and ordered up a few of the dogs. I had mine with everything, the kicker being the green salsa. Tasty! It may have contributed to my aforementioned illness the next day. The kids didn't care for them. Shane peeled off the bacon and Sophia was more interested in the cola. Savannah gave it a fair try but didn't finish it. Traci, after trying my loaded dog, lamented at her inferior less saucy entree. She finished it up.

We visited a few shops and then came back to the U.S.

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