Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Squawking at the Seagulls

The kids spend every day they can on the beach, digging in the sand, playing soccer, collecting and examining seashells or just watching the waves roll in and out. The water in the sound is about 40 degrees and your feet burn with the cold turning your feet pink. They have to get into the water just a little. If the sun is out the kids demand a trip to the beach. They will finish their school work as efficiently as humanly possible then head down to Brackett's Landing. The arrival and departure of the ferry is an event in itself with cars loading and unloading every half hour.

We drove to Seattle on our first Tuesday together. We wandered down to Pioneer Square where Sophia entertained us by squawking at the seagulls when they landed. She chased them into flight, never slowing down until the birds committed to the air. The area is surrounded by old buildings with new stores, restaurants, bars and galleries. It was a bright sunny day so people were outside enjoying their lunches.

Sophia's run with the birds made several people in the square take notice and smile. It also inspired a set of races with the other siblings. They chased each other across the brick laughing and shouting to each other. The sunshine was wonderful.
Today it rained a cold misty rain. The clouds so thick the sound was gone from sight. Endless grey, cold clouds with relentless drizzling rain. Cold inside day. The kids made recycled crafts from our recyclables. Savannah had her creation displayed in the library.

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