Saturday, April 25, 2009

Three Weeks

Our time here has flown by. We have been here for three weeks now. The manic pace of sunshine drenched Phoenix, Arizona has been replaced by a mellow relaxed attitude. I don;t know if it's the clouds or the cooler weather but it seems we have found a community here with great aspirations and motivations and all the time in this universe to achieve these. My writing is suffering here due to the farce in the feeling we have so much time and the cloudy days bringing a slightly downward trend to an otherwise upward spirit. I often find I am tired and feel like just sitting and contemplating things.

Well this evening, inspired by sunshine, I accompanied my youngest children down to a park none of us had been to yet. The Edmond's City Park has some ball fields, pavilions, playground equipment, tall trees and open fields. We had initially started out for the park near the library and activity center, closer to our home. I enticed the children down to the Starbucks with promise of pastries. After I got some coffee and the children had some sugar to inspire a journey we headed off to the new park.

We walked five more blocks south turned two blocks west and there was the park. The kids were delighted to find the old equipment laid out in the west end of the park. We immediately set into a game of Princess, Harry Potter and the Evil Bad Guy. We ran around the equipment a bit but the kid's favorite piece of equipment was an old heavy equipment tire. The tire was large enough for Shane and Sophia to climb into it and hide inside. This gave a great place for Harry to protect the Princess from the Evil Bad Guy.

Sophia and I walked back up the hill while Shane rode his bicycle. I am impressed with their abilities to walk and ride up these hills. Sophia often will run ahead. Shane will ride until he gets tired then will walk for a while. He gets back on his bike and rides a little more. He's made more of mounting these hills as a mission of his. He said today he would be riding up these hills every hour of every day until he can do this easily. We'll keep up with his progress.

Traci and Savannah had some time together at the mall. They went to a movie after a little shopping. Savannah bought a Twilight t-shirt to advertise her persistent obsession with the latest tween fad. She and Traci have found common ground in their appreciation of Stephanie Meyer's characters and their adventures. It's a great opportunity for Traci and Savannah to come together and make some memories.

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