Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Morning Soccer

Savannah and her team, Silver Strikes, had a good game. They are struggling to come up with a victory but the individual skill improvements are phenomenal. It is fun to watch them play. She has several players who have never played before. They appear to enjoy playing and get to run hard for an hour on Saturday mornings. Their scores have been close for the most part.
We plan to go horseback riding today. While hiking around South Mountain we came across a trail ride and the lead rider pitched the ride to us saying all ages can ride. Shane immediately attached himself to the idea of riding horses. He has been reminding us daily of his desire to be astride a horse in the western desert. He says he'll feel like a real western cowboy. We'll see how things go. When he was only two he saw horses and called them "yee haws". We had a chance to ride horses and the proprietors tried to shut down early before Shane could ride. He pitched such a fit we were allowed to ride. He has a thing for horseback riding.

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