Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Up El Norte

While our family at home is either struggling with too much ice or relishing snow days from school we were having a little snow withdrawal. So we went for snow and we found some of it. The higher elevations still had some white magic left on their peaks. Lucky enough for our crew we were invited to a friend's cabin north of Payson. We were immersed in the primitive lifestyle where the television signal still comes in from the antenna on the roof. It was a very nice place. The whole house was nearly larger than our home in Troy. There was a nice deck wrapped around one half of the home. There were neighbors about an acre away on all sides. The whole area was surrounded by tall pines.
We arrived after Savannah's soccer game. They suffered a miserable defeat with a score of too many to none.
Our hosts were gracious, generous and inviting. They made lunch the first day and breakfast the following morning. Traci supplied Taco salad for dinner. We played games into the night. The boys made a fort inside with the dining chairs and blankets and took forever to settle into sleep. The grown ups enjoyed a little star gazing. The dark sky spread open with stars. It had been a while since I had seen stars like that.
The next morning we played some more in the snow. The boys made a fort outside with wood collected around the yard. Savannah set off a snow fight when she snuck a handful of snow down the back of my shirt. Sophia had the opportunity to give the baby her bottle,a real baby! We found the sign for Strawberry Arizona and had to take a picture with Sophia. She kept asking where is Strawberry?
We had a great time and say thank you to our kind friends for having us out.

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