Saturday, February 7, 2009

Whoa! Settle Down Buckaroos!

We hit the dusty trail on horseback. South Mountain park provided the backdrop for our western horse back adventure. Our guide Kyle pointed out South Mountain park is the largest park owned by a city in the nation. Saguaro, ocotillo, and cholla cacti were featured attractions along the ride. Shane, Sophia and Savannah loved the adventure. Shane scoured his mind for every little question he could think of and launched them at the trail guide. Kyle decidedly answered each question with great attention to Shane's curiosities. Kyle was a bull rider trying to get to the PBR. He told us of the many broken bones he has suffered this early in his career. Traci's cousin James used to ride broncos and he always spoke of broken bones, his wife ended his riding days after their first child was born. Traci had Sophia on her horse with her and had a little problem fearing she would lose Sophia off the side of the horse. The trip back home featured a prolonged planning session from the children on how the family can buy a ranch and raise horses.
Savannah and I went on an eight mile bike ride after we arrived home. The evening plans include a trip to the movies. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and we will be forced to stay off the trails. The whole week ahead is going to be cold and rainy. Maybe we can start getting accustomed to the cloudy environs of Seattle.


Townsends said...

I hope you don't lose one of my granchildren on these hazardous convenyances. !!!



They were perfectly safe. It's kind of refreshing here. The kids AZ aren't put in a bubble like in IL. You should see the playgrounds. Shocking! Must not have to worry about lawsuits here.

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