Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two Days

Went hiking today, Peralta trail. It was nice. Then we went to the movies. In the emerging Miller tradition the oldest daughter accompanied her mother to see Confessions and I and the younger children saw Pink Panther 2. We all had fun. On Saturday after we all played at Mukutu's Island an indoor playground, Shane spent the night at his friend Gabe's house and Savannah entertained Sophia while Traci and I enjoyed an evening out together. We ended up at an Irish Pub and ate hot wings, drank beer and talked for a couple of hours. The night ended too soon. Enjoy the pictures, we're winding down for the evening and haven't much time to write.


Townsends said...

It is a shame that people shoot at the cactus plants.

Pictures are great


Actually, a lot of the holes are made from the state bird, the Cactus Bird. We thought they were gunshot holes too. Most are from the birds though. We learned that during our horseback ride last week.

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