Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Visitor

In about two weeks we will have a visitor from home. A close friend is coming out to spend some time with us. Our friend needs a little break from the cold so we will be graced by her presence and fortunate enough to try to show off our version of the Phoenix area. It will be nice to see a friendly face from home. The whole family is excited to have someone come to visit.
We're continuing the process for separating from Arizona. The clinic had a replacement provider come by today for a tour of the clinic and an opportunity to ask questions about the day to day process of running the clinic. I was relieved by the presence of a replacement. The clinic has become a home away from home providing some of the health care needs for the Ak Chin community allowed me the opportunity to meet several of the community members. I had a concern the community clinic would be abandoned or overlooked for the needs of the larger community. The Gila River community has a strong group of workers who go the distance daily to track people down, get people to appointments and support the health care needs of the people. The clinic sounds like it will survive with a new provider and I can move along without worries. Either way I am moving forward.


Townsends said...

So, who is the visitor?


Ms. Colleen! We are very excited and are planning a trip to Sedona, and Jerome.

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